This I Believe

Lincoln Grey will be “Looking into the Dark” and discussing how so much of what he believes is unknown and what that means.
Lincoln is a Jericho native, Father of two and currently working as a homemaker, literally: when he’s not caring for his kids as a stay at home dad, he builds a house for them to live in from the ground up. It’s currently 1/2 insulated and stays mostly warm, but by April hopefully will be much further along!

Jean’s presentation, “Places of the Heart”  will be a look at a lifetime of “church shopping.”
Jean Archibald is a long time member of MMUUF and resident of Jericho and Underhill since 1958.  Mother of five grown children, 8 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

In our “This I Believe” services, fellowship members offer thoughts about what they believe and what they wonder about over the course of their spiritual journey.  Shared services such as these allow MMUUF members to share their thoughts and questions and gather rewards from the wisdom and gratitude of those who are present.