Member Directory – hope you are feeling photogenic :)

Dear Friends

 As previously mentioned the MMUUF Directory is making a return in digital form!

 Think of it as Facebook, only it’s just the faces, names and contact, no clicking, “like” button, just a handy way to find members of the community.

 Our plan is to use information we have on file to set up the entries, which should be fairly accurate since we are taking a minimalist approach.

 If you know your info is outdated or incomplete – please send any updates to me (at – copying Jenn Alberts (

 The trickiest part will be the photos. We’d like to get an individual picture of the community member (which for this purpose we are defining as anybody who has a name tag or wants to be in the directory) and have space for a family photo as well. Nothing fancy needed, just a quick selfie is great.

 You can email photos to me (naming them for easer of reference e.g. “JaneDoe.jpg” would be appreciated), OR Kelly McCutcheon Adams can take new pics after the January  24th or February 14th service. Otherwise we will do our best using our whatever we might have in archives (or maybe I’ll try my hand as an artist J).

 I hope to send out draft entries to everyone in February, and then “publish” – by emailing it as an excel spreadsheet to the listed individuals.

 Should you wish NOT to include some or all of your info – please let me know – and we will of course respect your wishes.

 A sample entry is below to give a sense of what this should look like when it’s done.

 Warm regards on this cold day,


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