Piggybacking on the Lives of Others

Let’s ask ourselves whether we can “get up” on the backs of others’ lives without a sense of our own unique calling. Do others’ lives help to clarify or appreciate our own calling? Whose life are you presently drawing energy and inspiration from? Does it relate in any way to your own vocation?

Roddy O’Neil Cleary is a retired Emerita UU minister who is a religious hybrid, a catholic unitarian. She was a member of a religious community of sisters for almost 15 years, a campus minister at UVM for 15 years, and served at 1st UU in Burlington for 11 years. She is working at present in Hospice and prison ministry.

Living with Dementia

Rev. Jane Dwinell and Sky Yardley have been Living with Dementia since the summer of 2016 when Sky was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease at age 66. Jane is a retired UU minister who specialized in assisting small congregations, and is the author of Big Ideas for Small Congregations. Sky is a retired family mediator, and assisted the Mt. Mansfield Fellowship in the early 2000s when we were considering purchasing a building. They live in Burlington with their son, Sayer, and his partner, Emma, where they garden, enjoy the lake, and play a round of disc golf whenever possible.

Gather the Waters – return from summer break

This Service will be our annual Gather the Waters. Bring water and a memory from a special summer place to share with the Fellowship. The water poured into a common vessel represents our shared faith coming from many different sources.