Honoring the Generosity of Spirit of Those Who Came Before

A sense of community is one of the compelling reasons people love living in the Jericho-Underhill area, or just in small town Vermont. This service will be a time for us to verbally remember some of those recent (or not so recent) ancestors that had an impact on our communities. People can speak for three or four minutes about someone they remember. You may prepare a little something before hand or be moved by the moment in the service. This is a time to celebrate the lives of those that came before us. What is remembered, lives!

Restorative Responses to Harm

In this service, we will discuss how we deal with wrongdoing or harm in our society, and how our traditional system affects people. We will then describe an alternative approach called Restorative Justice. This alternative deals with wrongdoing from a perspective that focuses on people and relationships, and works on repair rather than punishment.

Susanna was born and raised in New Jersey, but hopes you don’t hold that against her because she got here as soon as she could. She has always had a strong interest in Social Justice, and is drawn to work and conversations that aim to address oppression and disparities. She has a Master of Public Health, and the first 2 decades of her career was in this field. In 2016 she made a change and now works in Restorative Justice, which she loves. Susanna Weller is employed at the Essex Community Justice Center.

Healing and History: Preparing to Share Privilege

Who is the “real” Vermonter? A descendant of an 18th century European, a new American immigrant,
or the Abenaki people of the First Nation? In attempting to exercise our collective responsibility of
justice, equity and compassion, we would be remiss to exclude the Abenaki who live largely
unseen and unheard in the Champlain Valley — and other minorities in the United States.

Where and how do we begin setting a chair for the disenfranchised at the table? Who is the host, and
who is the guest? What reparative justice may we be called to upon to pay? Do contemporary virtues serve to heal historical vices?

Indigenous peoples, descendants of slaves, undocumented immigrants…let’s discuss how unpacking privilege
here in Vermont means surrendering power to other populations.