The Waiting Game

Inspired by Advent and other December sacred observances, our service this Sunday will explore the role of waiting and anticipation in our spiritual journeys. In our daily lives, we often find ourselves waiting for things big and little. And yet, more and more, our technology and culture shape us to expect instant results and rapid change. How do we live in this tension? How can we get better at waiting, and what unexpected possibilities might it offer for spiritual growth?

Art & Spirituality

Our third principle states: “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.” Being a teacher, and now an art teacher, Dusty will explore how the third principle enfolds in his classroom and in our congregation. Art is a powerful way to be spiritual, it’s inherent mindfulness and its creative spirit.

Dustin Kemp was raised in the Midwest outside of Chicago. He grew up Christian, became a Buddhist, and most recently has fallen in love with Taoist thoughts and ideas (surely this qualifies him as a Unitarian Universalist!) He has worked as an engineer, taught high school math for the last 15 years, and is now teaching high school art.

Accepting & Embracing Humanism

The third principle calls us to accept one another and encourage spiritual growth. This is the first UU principle that brings a “spirit” into discussion and we will dive into what that can look like if we don’t have faith in an other being. We will discuss other motivations to do good other than fear and the promise of an afterlife, and other questions that arise when one charts their own course.

Maura Collins has been a member of MMUUF for the past six years. She works on affordable housing issues in the state and speaks publicly on that topic regularly, but is otherwise wholly unqualified to give a sermon at a church. That said, she is working towards accepting her Humanist beliefs and trying to understand how she can covenant to encourage spiritual growth when she struggles with the “spirit.”