Justice, Equity and Compassion for our Mental Health

In this sermon we will explore how our society — and how we, personally, — show justice, equity, and compassion for people with mental health challenges. It will challenge us to explore if we are really living this principle when things get uncomfortable. We will discuss why and how living this principle can be harder for mental health than physical health. And it will examine how much are we comfortable with, and what many do when we reach our limits.

Christmas Eve Service 4:00 p.m.

Not-so-traditional traditional Service celebrating birth, families, possibilities, and renewal. Songs, stories, readings, candlelight will fill the barn and our hearts.

The BIG Question: God?

This service will explore the big question: God? Don’t expect any answers, just a lot more questions. Like where: Where does God fit into Unitarian Universalism? Where does God fit into my belief system? Where does God fit into yours? Does the word God turn you off? Scare you? Are you comfortable with the language of reverence? Come find out.

The annual Holiday Potluck with follow after the Service. All are welcome.