Passages: Welcoming New Members and Celebrating a Successful Year

Join the Sunday Service Committee for a service of reflection, gratitude, and celebration of our fellowship year. This will include reflections from members and friends on services, songs, discussions, or activities from the service year. There will also be a time during the service when friends of the fellowship can join our community as members by signing the Book of Members. 

Memorial Service

The Cares and Concerns Committee of MMUUF will be hosting a memorial service honoring our beloved dead. Members and guests will have an opportunity to remember a beloved one no longer with us. This could be a person, or dog or cat, or any creature that caused your heart to swell with grief. Folks are asked to bring some items for our beloved dead altar, even if they aren’t speaking. But we would love to have people, members or guests, share a brief memory or a few words about whoever you are honoring. Children may also share before they leave for RE classes. It will be received with respect and love.

Celebrating Beltane

We will be celebrating Beltane, the Gaelic beginning of summer, a joyous ritual to honor the greening of our beautiful Earth. If the Weather Goddess cooperates, we will also dance to the maypole.

Evergreen is a member of the MMUUF fellowship, and loves to learn about the natural world and celebrate it!

Living Traditions – Artistic and Literary Expression and Indigenous American Worldviews

This talk will provide a very brief introduction to some of the artistic and literary traditions of Turtle Island (Indigenous America). Both visual and literary forms of expression have been, and continue to be, important vessels for Indigenous worldviews. Spending time with, and centering, these perspectives is valuable for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that these are the traditions that have known and interpreted these lands and waters for thousands of years. We will learn a bit about the history of colonization, the attempted genocide of Indigenous peoples, and the clear attempt to destroy traditional lifeways and worldviews. That will be followed by a brief overview of cultural preservation, survivance, and the ongoing living artistic and literary traditions that carry these cultural perspectives into the modern world. A few contemporary artists and writers will be introduced, and resources will be provided for further research and learning. 

Heath was born and raised in Vermont but traveled and lived in many places before returning home. Heath holds a BFA in Theatre and Religious Studies from New York University and an MA in Religious Studies and Art History from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. They have academic experience in Religious Studies, Art History, Feminist Art History, Cultural Anthropology, Theatre, and Literature. Heath is committed to the study of meaning making systems and the artistic and material practices and cultures of all peoples. They believe that the study of these elements of culture can help us to understand and care for each other, leading to more profound understanding, empathy, and compassion between individuals, communities, and cultures. Heath is now grateful to live with their amazing family on a rich and vibrant part of the land that sweeps up the side of Mt Mansfield. 

MMUUF Through the Years: Reflections on 30 Years of Faithful Risk-taking

What does it take to build and sustain a spiritual community? Join several long-time members of the Mount Mansfield Unitarian Universalist Fellowship as they share reflections on key moments in the history of our shared community. From the first to sign the book of members, the dedication towards religious education, and the leap to buying our sacred space to the many lessons of leading through a pandemic, we will explore all that we have done to engage in the covenant of faithful risk-taking.