How do you find truth in the news?

With the increase in social media, media bias, and even Artificial Intelligence, what can we do to make sure that what we read/watch/hear is true? The thought of examining each news story before believing it is daunting. But if we want to know if something is true, is that what we need to do?

Catherine Stevens lives in Jericho with her husband and their two dogs. Her professional life began in marketing, and about 20 years ago she began using the same skills as a Development Director, responsible for fundraising, grants and communications for non-profit organizations. She enjoys travel, not only seeing new places but also learning about other cultures and history. And, while she is still very interested in news, it has proven to be a challenge to know what is true.

Curiosity and open-heartedness during conflict

I hope to offer still-evolving reflections about approaching conflict without the baggage of advance expectations and righteousness. Our MMUUF fellowship’s covenant speaks of nurturing our spiritual curiosity. In it we promise to learn from others with open hearts and to assume the best intent in others. I will try to apply lessons from Amanda Ripley’s High Conflict in putting those promises into practice in responding to world events, presidential election cycles and more local disagreements. 

Gaye is a long-time member of MMUUF. She’s retired from a nonlinear career that included baking, managing mission-focused organizations, legislative service, and leading a grantmaking organization. Now her days change with seasons, but consistent elements include trying to keep up with her 90-something friends and role-models and serving on the board of VTDigger, a nonprofit news organization. She lives in Jericho with her husband, Chuck Lacy, and their two cats.

Music Service

Ever wonder what the Last Minute Choir would play if they weren’t choosing music to support one of our amazing service themes? Here’s your chance to find out, as we put LMC in the driver’s seat. Choir members will select songs that are especially meaningful to them—as UUs, as musicians and/or just as humans. They’ll let us in on why these selections resonate. During some numbers, just sit back and listen. For others, get ready to sing along. In the words of Hans Christian Anderson, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Firsts, Lasts and Everything in Between

We as a society are very focused on firsts and lasts. Soon we’ll be starting a new year and this is the first service of the year. How many times have you said, “this is the last time I’ll ever…” fill in the blank. In this service I will explore our fascination with firsts and lasts and maybe say something about the times between.

Dana Baron was a long-time member of MMUUF before moving to Shelburne just before the pandemic. He retired from his career in IT in 2018 and now fills his time with family, community and adventure. He currently volunteers at the Lund Family Center in Burlington and is president of the Alliance Française of the Lake Champlain region. He and his wife like taking week-long bike trips in various parts of the world. His two daughters, Erica and Joanne, live in Boston and Washington, DC, respectively.

Christmas Eve Service

Our theme for this service of songs and readings is “Peace on Earth”. We will close the service with our tradition of lighting candles and singing Silent Night so if you are joining us virtually, please have a candle ready at home. All are welcome!