Individuals are encouraged to become Members as a tangible way of integrating the MMUUF community into their own spiritual practice and journey.

Membership is an expression of 1) your interest in the ongoing vitality of the MMUUF spiritual community and 2) your commitment to the operational well-being of the MMUUF organization.

Some individuals become MMUUF Members after a Service or two; others participate with MMUUF for several months or even for a couple of years before deciding to become a Member.

While some Members were raised as UUs, the majority of our Members come from diverse religious backgrounds, histories, and traditions. When you become a MMUUF Member you also automatically become a Unitarian Universalist Association Member (UUA, the Association of UU congregations in North America).

Membership Value

There are many benefits and rewards of being a Member of MMUUF. Individuals become Members for different reasons, at various life stages, and with different motivations. These are some experiences and outcomes that may encourage MMUUF Membership:

Members join a multi-generational community where they will conduct their spiritual practice on an ongoing basis.
They enjoy a local UU Fellowship that is rooted in the Mt. Mansfield foothills.
Children, seniors and everyone in between are welcome regardless of race, creed, religious or sexual orientation.
Families find a liberal religious tradition in which to raise their children.
Music and services are popular with all ages, from children to teens to seniors.
Both children and adults are offered opportunities to reach out and help, in the community and beyond.
Members will be supported and celebrated through times of joy, transition and sorrow.
Members will be able to shape the future of this community, for themselves and for their children.
Members know that their financial support and service contributions mean they are helping to ensure that the MMUUF community endures and thrives.

Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

Feel aligned with the majority of UU principles and with MMUUF purposes and programs
Sign the Book of Members
Be at least 16 years old
Contribute time and/or service to support Fellowship activities (see Service contribution information below)
Make an annual financial contribution (see Pledge information below) to support Fellowship operations
Remain informed of MMUUF activities and business through review of the MMUUF By-Laws, website, announcements, committee reports, and financial reports
Vote on MMUUF business, budget and activities at the Annual Meeting in June
Friends are encouraged to make contributions of time and service, and to make an annual pledge.

Friends may attend and participate in the Annual Meeting, but only Members may vote.

Process to become a Member

It’s simple: Sign the Book of Members.

You do not have to formally relinquish membership in or allegiance to any other religious denomination when you become a member of MMUUF. There is no “conversion” process or ceremony.

Signing the Book of Members

You may sign the Book of Members at any time.

The Transitions Service held in June has traditionally welcomed new Members for that year into the Fellowship. During a special segment of the Transitions Service, new Members may sign the Book of Members and (optionally) share aloud with the Fellowship some of their thoughts on joining MMUUF.

Alternatively, the Book of Members is available to be signed at any Sunday Service. A Steering Committee or Membership Committee member will gladly assist you upon request to sign the Book of Members.

Members are individuals rather than families. It is possible for one spouse to be a Member and the other spouse to be a Friend.