Thanks to our Covenant Team

Dear friends,


I would like to take a moment to thank the fantastic team that brought our covenant workshop to life today. Dana, Gaye and Kelly (in alphabetical order) all brought their organizational gifts and thoughtful insights to the process, and found a great speaker and facilitator in Karen Bellavance-Grace who challenged us to think deeply about who we are, and why we make MMUUF a part of our lives. Thanks as well to the supporting cast of Isabel and Iain Pless and Eli Swaney (childcare providers) – and of course to the participants.


Finally, a very special extra THANK YOU!!! to Gaye who nourished our bodies as well as our minds through the incredibly gracious gesture of providing a delicious and nutritious meal to the participants.


Once again I am grateful for the actions, big and small that have made MMUUF the special, dynamic place it is, and for the dedication of the membership to continuing that tradition in a thoughtful and intentional way.


Thanks again and have a great day



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