Dana Baron

The Head and Heart of Unitarian Universalism

Join us for a brief history of the U and the U that make us MMUUF. This service looks at the ways that the long theological traditions of the two U’s are reflected in our Unitarian Universalism of today.

Dana Baron is a long time member of Mount Mansfield UU Fellowship. He lives with his wife in Essex. He is recently retired and now enjoys hiking, biking and playing with his grandchildren, not necessarily in that order.

Adventures Large and Small

As Dana and his wife Karen headed into retirement (BIG adventure), they had two big plans: hike the Appalachian Trail and bike cross-country. A year ago they set out to accomplish the first, but fell short. Now they’re rethinking the second. In his talk, he will explore how we come to grips with failure, especially when that failure brings into focus the biggest adventure of all: aging and mortality.

The BIG Question: God?

This service will explore the big question: God? Don’t expect any answers, just a lot more questions. Like where: Where does God fit into Unitarian Universalism? Where does God fit into my belief system? Where does God fit into yours? Does the word God turn you off? Scare you? Are you comfortable with the language of reverence? Come find out.

The annual Holiday Potluck with follow after the Service. All are welcome.

Living Into Covenant: Sharing Our Collective Work

At this special service, we will share the draft of the MMUUF Covenant along with reflections about the process and the purpose. There will be opportunities for discussion (and offline opportunities for wordsmithing). Please join us for this important reflection and discussion. Please remember that each Sunday we ask Fellowship Members to bring a donation … Continued