Kelly McCutcheon Adams


MMUUF Member and Vice President Kelly McCutcheon Adams will lead this Sunday’s service, Transitions. This is a return to a tradition of ours to use the final service to acknowledge transitions over the year past and look to the summer ahead. She will be assisted by Maura Collins, Dana Baron, and Jen Levine. Kelly lives in Essex Junction with her husband and their two children. She telecommutes to Boston as a Senior Director at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Please join us for this special closing service for the year and then please join us for the cookout to celebrate our ten years of fellowship in the barn. The cookout is a potluck with burgers/hot dogs/veggie burgers and beverages provided.

“Mama, why are the flags down again?” Reflections on Activism and Motherhood

Please join us on Mother’s Day as Kelly McCutcheon Adams shares reflections and questions that have come up for her over the past 18 months as her peak in activism has coincided with her children’s increasing awareness of the news of the world. She has been grappling with how to engage them without crossing a line. Kelly is a member of MMUUF and serves as the Vice President and chair of the Welcoming & Membership Committee. She is a clinical social worker and telecommutes to Boston as a Senior Director for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Living Into Covenant: Sharing Our Collective Work

At this special service, we will share the draft of the MMUUF Covenant along with reflections about the process and the purpose. There will be opportunities for discussion (and offline opportunities for wordsmithing). Please join us for this important reflection and discussion. Please remember that each Sunday we ask Fellowship Members to bring a donation … Continued