Be A Love Ambassador

This Sermon encourages people to consider who they are and who they can be as love ambassadors who build community and reject meanness (hate), especially when the latter includes antics Dr. Robin D’Angelo calls nice racism, per her 2021 book, Nice Racism. The Sermon asks people to understand and fulfill the Biblical question: What does the Lord require?

Roy V. Hill II is a 37-year Vermont resident who arrived in 1987 to become the first American-Black Director for the Executive Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations at the University of Vermont. His career includes: Washington University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, the Robert Russa Motor Memorial Institute, and NAFEO in Washington DC. He was also the Advisor to Dr. Dorthy I. Height at NCNW. He was a member of the UCC National Executive Council, President of the Vermont Ecumenical Council, Deacon for College Street Congregational church and a Devotional Leader for the Vermont Legislature. He is a Minister in Presence Leader in Saint Albans, VT and he is also a Founding Member as well as a Deacon for New Alpha Missionary Baptist church, which is the only Vermont Baptist church that worships in an African-American tradition.

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