Our Journey: Where Our Head and Our Hearts Have Led MMUUF

In his February 9 message to MMUUF, member Dana Baron gave an inspired history of Unitarian Universalism. He explained how, when the two “U” faiths combined their organizations some 60 years ago, Unitarians brought a focus on reason and Universalists contributed the belief of a loving God they held in their hearts. In her talk, Beth Esmond will discuss how the “head” and the “heart” of MMUUF (and a little bit of muscle, too) have contributed to our journey. The service will recount our early days and some key themes prevalent in our nearly 30-year journey. We’ll also share memories—happy, sad and some truly funny—about the rag-tag group of dedicated people who built the sometimes-nomadic faith community that ended up in a barn.

Beth first attended MMUUF in the fall of 1996; she joined as a member the following spring. Throughout the years, Beth has served on many committees, including the steering committee, the RE committee, the nominating committee, the Sunday Service committee and, for many years, the music committee. With her husband Scott, she owns a communications consultancy serving clients throughout Vermont and specializing in health care, education and energy.