Being Of Color and Colorful Beings – 9:30am

What is the source of our creativity?  How do we bring ideas and objects to life from nothingness?   Is there such a thing as divine inspiration?  Is the creative spirit the source of all faith?  Poets, painters, physicists, psychologists and theologians weigh in.

Our service leader is Rev. Jennifer Pader, M. Div, STM, LMSW.  Like the psychoanalysts of the British Object Relations school, Jennifer believes that play (for youngsters and children of all ages) and creativity are key to emotional and psychological well-being.  She is a former private student of the social realist painter Avran Soyer.  Jennifer is a supporter of arts in the schools, and finds creative joy in wordplay, cooking, reading, theology, playing in the Starr Farm dog park, and visiting her old friends Met and MOMA in NYC.
Please remember that each Sunday we ask Fellowship Members to bring a donation for the local Jericho Food shelf. Our Fellowship has been asked to provide canned fruit when possible. Our contributions are critical to their important work!