This I Believe, This I Wonder

At This I Believe/This I Wonder services, fellowship members offer thoughts about what they believe and what they wonder about over the course of their spiritual journey.

Abigale: The thread of Abigale’s life has been anchored in spiritual growth and support. Abigale Soudi Breez transplanted to Vermont from the AZ desert in October 2019. She is a mother of 2 grown children; she is a wholistic coach, yoga teacher, qigong practice leader and a healer guiding peeps to their inner wisdom!

Hailey: Hailey will discuss her connection to music and how music has impacted her relationship with her mental health. Additionally, she will expand upon these ideas in relation to how music shapes our relationships and experiences as we venture through everyday life. Hailey Ward is originally from Jericho Vermont. After leaving New England to pursue an education in songwriting, she currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is finishing up the last half of her Masters in Music Therapy from Augsburg University! When not working as a nanny or doing homework, she enjoys going for walks with her dog Murphy, trying new food, and stretching!


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