Holding Land

Gaye will reflect on different ways of connecting and relating to land: land as home, as a neighbor, as a relative, as a source of livelihood and sustenance, as a view, and as a resource to share with future generations. Her observations come from a decade where her husband raised grass-fed beef in Jericho and from her own work supporting more sustainable farming practices. That work has challenged her to avoid moral judgment about land use based on what we see rather than what we know more deeply than a view allows.
Gaye is a long-time member of MMUUF. She is approaching retirement from a varied career working for mission-focused businesses and nonprofits, mostly related to food, land, and energy. She served in the Vermont legislature for 12 years. She and her husband, Chuck Lacy, raised three amazing kids in Jericho and were able to sneak in a Chicago wedding celebration for one of them last summer in a brief window between Covid surges.


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