Reciprocity as a form of gratitude and natural burial as a way to be in reciprocity with Mother Earth

Michelle and Evergreen join to jointly celebrate the explosion of life in spring (Beltane), and the concept of green burials. We weave ways to show how that connection shows our love for Earth, our only home, and how that weaving leads to a beautiful reciprocity between humans and Gaia.

Michelle Acciavatti (she/her/they), MS, has trained as a mortician, advance care planner, end of life doula, home funeral guide, natural burial advocate, writer, neuroscientist, and ethicist. She works as a licensed mortician, end of life specialist, natural burial educator, and cemeterian at her companies: Ending Well Funeral Home and Vermont Forest Cemetery. Her work helps people preparing for the end of life, designing funeral services, caring for their own dead, and exploring natural burial options.


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