Grief Activism: Making Space for Lament and Communal Care

Grief and loss have been nearly constant companions for many of us over the last few years, as we have navigated a global pandemic on top of the ongoing social, environmental, and political crises. How might we reconsider or re-imagine the practice of grieving when faced with our current reality and the anticipation of even greater suffering in the years to come? If grief is not something to conquer or get past, how could we live well with grief? What traditions or practices might we rekindle or recreate to build a culture of care for each other in these times, a time that Joanna Macy calls the Great Unraveling? Our guest, Maeve McBride, will share her reflections on grief, both personal and collective, and spiritual care in activism and community

Maeve is an organizer and activist, mother, writer, singer, contemplative, and all-around earth lover. A long-time member of the First UU Society of Burlington and a new member of Middle Collegiate Church, Maeve has led lay worship and spoken often on the topics of climate change, grief, and racism. Currently, Maeve is busy starting a cooperative farm, fundraising for worthy causes, and pursuing movement chaplaincy.