A Personal Reflection on the Importance of Community

In this sermon, Mike will share his own experience of how he found himself in a place of isolation due to a combination of being a stay-at-home dad and developing chronic pain from a degenerative condition. He’ll share how he has found a sense of personal peace and meaningful contribution by seeking out and contributing to communities of caring individuals. And he’ll share his thoughts on the importance of nurturing deeply connected communities during a time of great technological and social change to restrengthen our democratic culture and work toward the goal of peace, liberty, and justice for all.

Mike Sweeney is an active volunteer in the Jericho and wider Vermont community. He currently serves as the secretary of MMUUF steering committee, the town chair of the Jericho Democratic Committee, the secretary of the Chittenden County Democratic Committee, and a Jericho justice of the peace. He also serves as a mentor through the Spectrum Youth Services program. 

Mike has a background in the arts, education, and owning a small business. He has been the primary caregiver for his 2 children for several years and homeschooled his children for 5 years.