Resurrecting Animism, Decolonizing Easter

Easter is a complicated holiday for those of us who identify as spiritual but not religious. And yet Easter remains a significant day in our culture when many Americans return to church and participate in other traditions like egg hunts and hot cross buns. Maeve, raised an atheist and now a self-described queerstian contemplative, will share her thoughts on this holiday and its pagan roots, its womanist elements, and its messages for our current hot mess times. How might we turn to our ancestry, our traditions, and our ancient stories for support and guidance to navigate the crises before us?

Maeve is an organizer and activist, mother, writer, contemplative, and all around earth lover. Maeve has led lay worship in Unitarian Universalist congregations and spoken often on the topics of climate change, grief, and racism. Currently, Maeve is busy starting a cooperative farm in Jericho, fundraising for worthy causes, and pursuing movement chaplaincy. Maeve is a white cis queer woman of European descent.