Beauty and Art

The phenomenon of experiencing beauty is considered a remarkable event for all individuals. The initial encounter with a beautiful object, can elicit an emotional and intellectual response that transcends the mundane and transports the individual into a realm of heightened perception. However, despite the “realness” of such experiences, they are difficult to articulate precisely and comprehend entirely.
Even though the emotional impact of art can be difficult to measure and quantify, it remains a subject of great interest. Art has a unique ability to purposely move us into this profound experience, evoking a wide range of emotional responses that can vary from person to person yet be more shared than not. Through the years I have had a growing interest in the relationship between art and the responses it evokes, particularly within the context of the experience of beauty. I wish to share these insights.
Bio for Dusty Kemp:  I enjoy many things: teaching, being a Dad, writing poetry, recovery, apples, but most of all I like doing art. I really don’t like doing yard work or eggplants.