Rev. Jennifer Pader

Healing and History: Preparing to Share Privilege

Who is the “real” Vermonter? A descendant of an 18th century European, a new American immigrant,
or the Abenaki people of the First Nation? In attempting to exercise our collective responsibility of
justice, equity and compassion, we would be remiss to exclude the Abenaki who live largely
unseen and unheard in the Champlain Valley — and other minorities in the United States.

Where and how do we begin setting a chair for the disenfranchised at the table? Who is the host, and
who is the guest? What reparative justice may we be called to upon to pay? Do contemporary virtues serve to heal historical vices?

Indigenous peoples, descendants of slaves, undocumented immigrants…let’s discuss how unpacking privilege
here in Vermont means surrendering power to other populations.

Make America Cake Again

We welcome back Rev. Jennifer Pader as guest speaker as we continue this year’s theme on the exploration of the second UU Principle. We’ll look at the fascinating history of some utopian communities in New England (including a famous Unitarian attempt at paradise on earth). What did these groups have in common with MMUUF as “beloved community”? Where did they fail and where did they triumph? Come walk into the space of ritual and celebration, idealism and interconnectedness this Thanksgiving season!

Rev. Pader, M.Div., STM, LMSW was the Affiliate Minister for Pastoral Care of the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York. Jennifer has led several services for MMUUF over the last couple of years.

Being Of Color and Colorful Beings – 9:30am

What is the source of our creativity?  How do we bring ideas and objects to life from nothingness?   Is there such a thing as divine inspiration?  Is the creative spirit the source of all faith?  Poets, painters, physicists, psychologists and theologians weigh in.Our service leader is Rev. Jennifer Pader, M. Div, STM, LMSW.  Like … Continued

A Hamster Named Yard

Join us for a controversial discussion about disability, spiritual practices and the search for social justice among (and beyond) Unitarian Universalism. How do we respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person while referring to him/her as“differently-abled”, “special”, “handicapable”? Do we inadvertently perpetuate the stigma of “otherness”? The Rev. Jennifer Pader, M.Div., STM, LMSW became … Continued

“Whose Lives Matter?”

During this summer of racially-charged violence, we have seen people of color suffering at the hands of a system that denies their equal rights. In order to respect the dignity and worth of every individual, we must broaden the conversation around state violence and the racial divide. Can we talk? Rev. Jennifer Pader, M. Div, STM, … Continued