Sunday Service Committee

Gathering the Waters

On Sunday, Mount Mansfield UU Fellowship will come together to begin our new Fellowship year – via Zoom. As is our tradition, we will take time to share with each other some of our experiences from the summer. Where have the past three months led you on your spiritual journey? As you ponder that question, prepare a sentence or two to share with the Fellowship. It has been a summer like no other, and we all have much to share. But please keep your remarks brief and focus more on your spiritual journey than your physical journeys.

Collecting Water at the Barn: If you would like to mingle some water that symbolizes your journey with the common waters of the Fellowship, you can come to the barn anytime before the afternoon of Saturday September 12 and pour your water into the container you’ll find near the main entrance. Please be sure it is well sealed as you leave. And if you can’t join us on Sunday, send an email with the words you’d like to share and we’ll read it to the Fellowship.

Services are being exclusively held virtually via Zoom. Please email for how to join!

Gathering the Waters

It hardly seems possible that it is September already, but it is, and it’s time for us to gather together again in friendship and exploration. This service will be our traditional Gathering the Waters, which will allow us to share a little about important and meaningful events that we experienced this past summer. We ask those who come to bring a small container of water to join with the water of others in a common vessel. It could be water from a trip, from a special body of water (lake, ocean, river, stream) or it could be water from your own tap. All water is sacred. If you forget the water, not to worry, we will have some on hand, and you can still share memories of the summer. We invite all our members and families from our communities to join us in beginning another year of sharing and fellowship!