This I Wonder, This I Believe

***For the time being, Services will exclusively be held virtually via Zoom.  Please email for more information.
At This I Believe/This I Wonder services, fellowship members offer thoughts about what they believe and what they wonder about over the course of their spiritual journey.


10,000 forms of Mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a path to loving… myself, my students, the people in my life, my work, the universe.  It is my catalyst for generating gratitude, recovery, helping with my depression, anxiety, and stress.  I believe it is available to anyone and is as simple as paying attention to what is in front of me right now.
I am from Chicago, therefore I like deep dish pizza, Italian beef, caramel and cheese popcorn mixed, and the Cubs.  I am now from Vermont and I love Cabot cheddar cheese, maple syrup and all of you!  I have been / am an artist, recovering drug addict, engineer, teacher, husband, father, and most recently our dog’s human.
Mindfulness through poetry and music: When I’m caught up in work, news or just the daily business of life, I like to pause and reconnect to myself thru music and/or poetry. I’ll share some of my favorites with you.
I’ve been a member of MMUUF since 2000. I grew up in NH, and have lived in Maryland, Missouri and Alaska before moving to Vermont. As a humanist I believe in equality and justice and as a social worker I have worked my entire profession dedicated to children and youth who suffer trauma because of abuse and neglect. I am a director,  an author, a poet, a mother, wife, sister, daughter and head chef of my home.