Speaker: Sarah Ward

Change is in the atmosphere

2022 will bring about big changes for the Ward family and Sarah has been contemplating how moments of reflection, quiet conversation and inspiration have led to these changes.  She will share how we might use the smallest moment to make small changes that add up to big changes.

Sarah Ward has been a member of MMUUF for over 20 years. She is a practicing Unitarian-Buddhist, author of young adult novels and poet.


This I Wonder, This I Believe

***For the time being, Services will exclusively be held virtually via Zoom.  Please email info@mmuuf.org for more information.
At This I Believe/This I Wonder services, fellowship members offer thoughts about what they believe and what they wonder about over the course of their spiritual journey.


10,000 forms of Mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a path to loving… myself, my students, the people in my life, my work, the universe.  It is my catalyst for generating gratitude, recovery, helping with my depression, anxiety, and stress.  I believe it is available to anyone and is as simple as paying attention to what is in front of me right now.
I am from Chicago, therefore I like deep dish pizza, Italian beef, caramel and cheese popcorn mixed, and the Cubs.  I am now from Vermont and I love Cabot cheddar cheese, maple syrup and all of you!  I have been / am an artist, recovering drug addict, engineer, teacher, husband, father, and most recently our dog’s human.
Mindfulness through poetry and music: When I’m caught up in work, news or just the daily business of life, I like to pause and reconnect to myself thru music and/or poetry. I’ll share some of my favorites with you.
I’ve been a member of MMUUF since 2000. I grew up in NH, and have lived in Maryland, Missouri and Alaska before moving to Vermont. As a humanist I believe in equality and justice and as a social worker I have worked my entire profession dedicated to children and youth who suffer trauma because of abuse and neglect. I am a director,  an author, a poet, a mother, wife, sister, daughter and head chef of my home.

Finding Buddhist Humanism Within

Long-time MMUUF member, social worker and author, Sarah Ward will share her experience of discovering Buddhism through her extended Italian Family and the cross-cultural sharing that led her to examine the Buddhist path of faith, practice and study to promote positive change within and in her external environment.

Finding the Better Angels Within

Sometimes we find ourselves needing to make a choice about whether to speak up and risk offending another person who holds a different belief than our own.  Finding compassion towards others who appear to be selfish, or dismissive can be a challenge. Better Angels is an organization attempting to help bridge the communication gap between the red and blue party lines that are often drawn on current issues.  We will explore their method of building bridges in a workshop format during the sermon.  Come prepared to take a stand and learn ways to engage someone with a different view point than your own.

The Vulnerability of Parenting

In our social media culture parents are particularly under a microscope. We will unpack some of those judgements, and think about the inherent worth and dignity of every parent, especially those who are struggling to “get it right.”

Sensational stories like a child falling into a pen at a zoo go viral, judgements fly from every corner of society, everyone seems to have an opinion about what a parent should have done. Families who are challenged with mental health issues, or addictions to substances may find that reaching out for assistance, advice, and support means being judged by the community. Our implicit bias against being vulnerable pushes many people to carry on without seeking support.

Each Service, please bring a donation for the local Jericho Foodshelf. Our Fellowship is asked to provide canned fruit when possible. Our contributions are critical to this important work!