Speaker: Charley MacMartin

Caring hearts and the challenges of Hospice volunteering during the Pandemic

Charley MacMartin will speak on our caring hearts and the challenges of hospice volunteering during the pandemic. The past twenty months have created obstacles to traditional hospice care. Hospice volunteers have had to discover new ways of supporting individuals at the end of life as well as discovering deeper levels of compassion, equanimity and joy.

Charley leads the Hospice Volunteer Program at UVM Home Health & Hospice and celebrates his hospice coworkers and the hundreds of volunteers supporting individuals and families at the McClure Miller Respite House and throughout Chittenden & Grand Isle Counties.


Unbinding the heart: Meaning and connection at the end of life

This Sunday’s Service will be online only via Zoom.

Charley MacMartin leads the hospice volunteer program at UVM Home Health & Hospice. He will speak from that experience on the concerns, hopes and fears that crowd the bedside as a loved one is dying. Keeping our hearts open is hard to do when, as individuals or as a community, we attempt to support an individual and family at this tender time.


Dying in Character

How does the UU principle of acceptance relate to the challenges faced at the end of life? Both for an individual and that person’s family? What happens when acceptance means something different for members of a family? Charley MacMartin will speak this Sunday on acceptance at the end of life and the theme of “dying in character.”

Charley is the Volunteer Services Manager for UVM Health Network Home Health & Hospice (formerly VNA Hospice). Charley is a presenter for UVM’s End of Life Doula certificate program and a trainer for the No One Dies Alone project at the UVM Medical Center.