Speaker: Lewis Randa

Peacemaking as a Subversive Activity

Lewis will share his 50 year journey of peacemaking that is the result of the trauma of Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King‘s assassination which is the bereavement lifeblood of the Life Experience School for special-needs folks and the Peace Abbey, an interfaith center for the study and practice of Nonviolence.  The journey began with a hunger strike protest as a conscientious objector in the military which led to his discharge and a way of life.

Lewis Randa is a Quaker, pacifist, vegan and social change activist. He founded The Life Experience School for children and young adults with life challenges in 1972, and The Peace Abbey, an interfaith Center for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence and Pacifism in 1988. His peace work has brought him to the far corners of the world — from El Salvador to Belfast, Liverpool to Calcutta, Assisi to Guernica. He has three grown children, Christopher, Michael and Abigail, and lives with his wife Meg in Duxbury, Massachusetts.