Faith to Doubt

Reverend Roddy O’Neil Cleary, former UU minister for the Burlington UU Church, is our guest minister this week.

Gathering of the Waters

After our summer break, we return to Services this week. This Service will be our annual Gather the Waters, when we share meaningful moments from the summer. You may bring a small container of water to join with the water of others in a common vessel.

Coming Of Age Service – 9:30am

This special Sunday we will celebrate Coming of Age for two of our teens.  We will hear from them about their spiritual journeys and hear special thoughts and wishes from their families and friends. All are invited to offer your own thoughts and wishes during the Fellowship response. Following the service, we will enjoy a potluck … Continued

Understanding & Dealing with Fear

It’s been a banner year for fear. Recently, there’s been an abundance of fear-driven responses to world, national and local events. In this UU Sunday Service, we see that fear leads to other emotional responses, and blocks us from engaging in rational discourse and decision making. Understanding fear can be the first step in keeping it … Continued

From A Place of Abundance

In this Sunday service, Jenn will share reflections on abundance, scarcity, poverty, wealth, trauma, resilience and the dignity and worth of contribution. Jenn is a lifelong UU who has nurtured her spirituality at 9 different UU fellowships and churches. She has been a member of Mount Mansfield Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for over a decade.

Being Of Color and Colorful Beings – 9:30am

What is the source of our creativity?  How do we bring ideas and objects to life from nothingness?   Is there such a thing as divine inspiration?  Is the creative spirit the source of all faith?  Poets, painters, physicists, psychologists and theologians weigh in.Our service leader is Rev. Jennifer Pader, M. Div, STM, LMSW.  Like … Continued